Admission and Discharge Guide

:Executive procedure of admission of hospitalized patients

A) The admission procedures for patients who receive admission to the clinic or doctor's office
Refer the patient or his / her companion to the admission unit for hospitalization with a hospitalization order in hand
Enter the patient profile and information required in the patient acceptance plan or with the patient
Refer to the Fund Reception Unit to deposit a hospital admission fee
Refer the patient to the relevant department for free
.Determine the patient's room and bed in the inpatient ward, as well as accompany the patient to the pharmacy for personal belongings
Patient transport to emergency departments is provided (Stretcher - Wheelchair - Patient
B: Admission stages for hospitalization of patients who are admitted to hospital emergency
Emergency physician admission order
Refer to Emergency Admission to Complete a Patient or Accompanying Patient Record File
Directing the patient to the emergency department for temporary admission to the emergency department and, if needed, to the relevant ward and continuing treatment
Required Documents at Patient Reception
Prescription by doctor
Having a valid identification document to complete the patient's identity information in the admission and filing plan
: Guidance on Patient Admission
In order to improve the admission process during hospital admission filing, the admissions officer will provide accurate and accurate entry information
. Provide information to the required collaboration system
After determining the room and bed if you encounter any deficiencies or problems, notify the ward immediately to
. Take action to fix it as soon as possible
. For personal hygiene use personal belongings in the bag you received on arrival
In order to respect the personal hygiene and the dissatisfaction of other patients, it is necessary to cooperate with ward staff on changing clothes and
Sheets at specified times, as well as personal hygiene (bathing, hand washing, brushing, etc
. Bring
In line with optimal hygiene and infection control in the hospital environment, to be transferred to the operating room of a helmet and a surgery
. Disposable
The property and equipment are the responsibility of the patient and their companions and the hospital has no obligation in this regard
The hospital agency responds daily to the need for respectable clients for any urban and suburban transportation services by
. There will be passenger cars
The IVR will be able to communicate and make a call after entering the area code
. Was
In order to maintain the order and well-being of other patients during hospitalization, they are obliged to comply with all laws and regulations of the hospital.
. Be
The course of the patient's clinical record at discharge:
After the discharge order is made by the treating physician, the discharge administrative process begins and the steps required are as follows:
Arrange the papers by the secretary
Completion of the case by the ward nurse and control of the relevant papers
Then send the patient file to the pharmacy and control the medicines and consumables and pricing by the said department through the discharge secretary to the discharge accounting officer to adjust the billing based on legal fees.
Refer a patient to a fund unit to receive a settlement fee deposit fee
The wedge of the bill receipt box unit and the donate sheet
.The patient presents the first version of the Exit Sheet to the relevant section and the second version leaves the patient to the Exit Sheet