Introducing Sections
The CCUA ward located on the third floor of the hospital has 6 beds and experienced staff. Only in this ward patients are admitted to the ICU after cardiac surgery. Acceptance of infectious patients is prohibited because of open heart surgery patients in this ward.

  Each has 7 beds (CCU B and POST CCU) located on the second floor of the hospital with 14 beds. Includes two CCU B station stations
Patients admitted in this ward include patients with angiography, angioplasty
Equipments in this section include electrocardiogram, ECG, central suction machine (some beds) and echo device.
Isolated rooms are equipped with a separate entrance door that has the facilities in a scrub room.
Located in the second floor of the hospital with 8 CCU-B beds
Isolated bed is one of the insulated beds, equipped with entrance door that has the necessary facilities for insulation in the scrub room.
(Equipments in this section include electro-shock devices, electrocardiograms, central suction (some beds