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Golestan Healing Heart Specialist Hospital staff consists of the most experienced cardiologists, balloonangioplasty,electrophysiologyechocardiography, cardiovascular surgeon and cardiac anesthesia who collaborate with other disciplines such as general surgery, internal and external oncology, renal oncology, Throat, nose, gynecology, pediatrics, neurology, anesthesiologist


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The mission of Shafa Heart Hospital 


Getting the right healthcare is the right patient
The information should be appropriately and adequately provided to the patient
The patient's right to freely choose and make decisions about access to health services must be respected

The provision of health services must be based on respect for patient privacy and the principle of confidentiality
Access to an effective system for dealing with a patient's right to complaint
Health promotion and education development

As the largest specialized hospital in Golestan province and north of Iran, it offers the most desirable medical, educational and research services in the country with the aim of increasing satisfaction and trust through continuous quality improvement and improvement

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