Golestan Healing Heart Specialist Hospital has 48 active beds and has emergency, angiography, post angiography, clinic, CcuB, CcuC, CcuA, Post ccu, IcuoH and operating rooms. Hospital activities in the fields of angiography, angioplasty, Eps / ablation, CABG, valve replacement.
It is in the surgical ward and under the supervision of patients with heart disease and other heart problems.
Using experienced staff (physicians, nurses and administrative staff)
 One of the goals of this hospital is to provide high quality and safety services to patients.
This hospital has 5 floors:
Negative Category One: Office - Radiology - Laboratory & Facility
First floor: angiographic and post angiographic sections.
Second floor: CcuC, CcuB, Post ccu and laundry.
Third class CcuA:, IcuoH and sterilization unit.
The fourth floor is the operating room (heart surgery).
The hospital's cardiac surgery staff consists of Dr. Raji, a specialist in cardiac surgery, and Dr. Salki, a specialist in cardiac surgery and Dr. Ghorbanjad, an anesthesiologist and cardiac anesthesiologist.
- Hospital Intervention Team: Dr. Sharifian - Dr. Aref Salehi and Dr. Mirakbari
- EPS / Ablation, ppm and ICD Team: Dr Mirzaali
- Team Eco-Meri: Dr. Shirrafkan and Dr. Nazila Alborzi